Following Into Her Father’s Foot Steps, Comrade Zîn Became The Symbol Of True Companionship

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We commemorate in the person of our comrade Zîn Şoreş and her father, all the martyrs of the freedom and renew in the face of the efforts and self-sacrifice of our martyred families our oath to carry on the struggle. We express our condolences to the family of comrade Zîn and all our people.

With the start of the Rojava Revolution our people paid a high price in the wake of achieving the victory of the revolution. Beginning with our people living in Serekaniye who struggled alongside their fighters in 2013 against the mercenary gangs, this historical resistance spread later on to all over the country.

The family of our comrade Zîn was one of those families who joined the ranks of resistance from the first day of the revolution. Labourer of the revolution, the father of our friend Zîn picked up the weapon to defend his homeland and fought on the foremost front lines side by side with the fighters in battles of existence, and fell a martyr.

Our comrade Zîn joined the YPJ in 2013, following the footsteps of her father and her uncle. To become a sincere follower of her father’s struggle, she picked up his weapon and headed on his path to the ranks of resistance. Comrade Zîn took part in the battles of Til Hemis, Til Temir, Mebruka and different operations with great bravery. Even though she got injured on the battlefield, our comrade Zîn never let that injury become an obstacle and held in every aspect of life alongside her comrades her ground always on the very front lines.

Comrade Zîn joined the struggle at a young age. Watered by the values of the revolution, her personality grew and flourished. With devotion and her youthful spirit, she developed into one of the adorers of her homeland. To live up to the endeavours and values built by her family, she always put up effort in life and tried very hard. Comrade Zîn took on the duty of a driver recently. On the 21.08.2019 she lost her life in an accident. We share the sadness of the family and we say that we will always lead a struggle worthy of the path of the martyrs. As her comrades and followers of her path we once again renew our oath to the martyrs of the freedom and say, our struggle will continue so long, until we deliver our people a life in freedom.

Based on this we extend our condolences once more to the honourable and devoted family, who brought up comrade Zîn. We repeat our vow once again that we will realize the dreams of the martyrs and build up a free future for the next generation.

The identity of our martyred comrade is as follows:


Name de guerre: ZÎN ŞOREŞ

Name and Surname: HEVÎDAR BEŞAR

Name of the mother: FEVZIYE

Name of the father:HEMÎT


Place and date of death:SERÊKANÎ/21.8.2019

General Command of the YPJ

24 August 2019

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