Manbij has been liberated through the devotion and sacrifice of the martyrs and the unity of the Kurdish and Arab people

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To our people and the general public

The city of Manbij, which has become one of the city of heroes and a nest of resistance fighters, has been liberated through the devotion and sacrifice of hundreds of martyrs. In the person of the martyrs Bengîn Mûş, Dijle, Arjîn, Koçerîn, Botan Tirmen and Abu Leyla we salute and commemorate all the comrades who lost their lives during the historical operation to liberate Manbij and all the martyrs of the freedom, we renew the oath to retaliate our martyrs and and to realize their goals.
The city of Manbij is one of the oldest cities and constiturtes a strategic place. Many nations, colours and cultures of different peoples thrived in this city. The gang members of ISIS invaded after raiding cities like Raqqa, Tabka, Deir ez-Zur, Shadad, Sinjar, Mossul and many others, also the city of Manbij. The gang members of ISIS did not restrict themselves to occupying, but aimed at murdering, plundering, kidnapping, destructing ancient sites and brutalizing women. After our fighters mounted a resistance of historic proportions against the mercenaries of ISIS in the city of Kobane, the liberation of Kobane was achieved at last through the sacrifice of thousands of martyrs. Upon this, our people who lived in Manbij called in 2016 for the liberation of their city from the ISIS mercenaries. We took the call of the people of Manbij as a command and duty and resolved on the operation to liberate Manbij.
The decision on the operation to liberate Manbij was surely not taken easily. But the resoluteness, the altruism, bravery, the spirit of retaliation, the will and the trust that has been awaken in the hearts of our fighters and Kurdish and Arabic people, became the main key that led to that decision. A fierce battle evolved in Manbij, on top of all the operation commenced under the difficult conditions of the seething hot summer. Yet the sacrifice our martyred comrades performed, will never be forgotten. The historical operation started under the leadership of the heroic commander Abu Leyla. With his fighting Abu Leyla planted great fear into the enemy. Abu Leyla engraved his place in the struggle of the peoples with golden letters. As the self-sacrificing spirit in the persons of martyr Arîn and Rêvana in Kobane moved the world, also in Manbij this same spirit, that has interwoven itself firmly with the values of society, became livid once again in the person of martyr Koçerîn. These comrades of us have strengthened and reinforced with their devotion, with the spirit of retaliation and vicory, our resolution to fight the gang members of ISIS. We retaliated our martyrs of Kobane in Manbij, our martyrs of Manbij in Tabka, our martyrs of Tabka in Raqqa and our martyrs of Raqqa in Deir ez-Zor. Manbij has been liberated through the blood of our dear and treasured comrades. With the operation to liberate Manbij, Kurdish and Arabic women have woven together a unity of the soul and a joint concordance to defend and protect their homeland. Manbij has been liberated through the efforts and sacrifice of the martyrs of the unity of the Kurdish and Arabic people. This is our biggest and most valuable victory, that we dedicate to all our martyrs.
On this basis, there are big dangers and extensive schemes planned and prepared to be used against these achievements that we have build up through the sacrifice of our martyrs. The Turkish state intensified its attacks on and threats against our regions the moment we commenced the operation to liberate Manbij. This way they managed to invade and occupy Cerablus, Afrin and some other regions. And also now they try to invade with that same ideology those regions that have been liberated. But just like the stance our people had taken back then, also now our people has made its position clear with the perception of the unity of all peoples and the protection of the homeland. The strong united stance of our people will render these attacks and games that are being attempted void. For this it is wanted from us, the people as well as the defense forces, to organize ourselves against these existing threats and dangers very well and to strengthen the line of defence of the achieved accomplishments.
We felicitate the people of Manij once more on the liberation of the city of Manbij. We commemorate the martyrs of the operation to liberate Manbij and renew our oath to defend and protect the achievements of our people. Our people celebrate today the anniversary of the liberation of Manbij on the day of the Sacrifies Feast. On this occasion we felicitate the Islamic world and the people of North-east Syria on the Sacrifies Feast.

YPJ General Command Centre


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