Martyr „Revana Rojava“ İs The Symbol Of Sacrifice For The Freedom Of Our People And Our Homeland

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In the Rojava „way of life“ we remember the resistance freedom fighters of Rojava, the martyrs of resistance of Kurdistan, the revolution and the martyrs in northern Syria.

In the meantime, for the fourth anniversary of the martyr “Revana Rojava,” we want to offer our deepest condolences to her family, and we promise to follow the path and break new ground.

The resistance of Kobane and fact, in the name of women and the entire  world, the space of resistance has found its place. The Fate showed heroic, with the promise of Sehid “Revana” and hundreds of immense losses of martyrs of our comrades, against the “Enemy dash” the enemy of humanity.

As YPJ’s the People’s Protection Unit, our security forces have already achieved their achievements, and we will continue until the end of all achievements. Our martyrs have built up the preservation of revolutionary achievements.

In this process, we will continue to firmly believe in this fight. We will strive to follow the path of “Revana” and “Avesta”. We were able to live with our dreams by liberating Kobanê, so we will replace Efrin with the freedom and dreams of Rojava and all the resistance of martyrdom. In this process, decision and caution must be guided by our path and we have the right to follow this dream.

We also remember the revolutionary aspirations of the revolution in the personal lives of our friends and comrades, remembering the struggle for our revolutionary commitment.


YPJ Headquarters Command

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