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Our comrade Khadija Bekir a.k.a. Vejin Zagros fell martyr in the line of duty on August 5th, 2019 in the city of Shadadi as the result of an accident.

First we express our condolences to the family of comrade Vejin and all of her people. We respectfully remember Vejin among all the martyrs of the revolution and bow to her memory.

We as Kurdish people we are in a dangerous time. We answer the call of duty of this phase. In every moment of our lives, we have made great change and guaranteed real solutions.

Our comrade Vejin Zagros was born in Shiye, a district of the city of Afrin. She grew up in a patriotic family with patriotic knowledge. In her youth, she found the answer to her questions in the ranks of the YPJ and joined us.

From the day she joined our ranks until the moment she fell martyr, she participated strongly. Her participation was known to always be optimistic and self-sacrificing.

Comrade Vejin was beloved by her peers in life, and always strived to improve herself militarily.

Vejin’s peers said she always discussed her desire to join in the liberation of Afrin, and on this basis, she strengthened her participation in every way day by day. Vejin’s modesty and kindness led her to be beloved by all of her comrades and never hurt any of them.

Without a doubt, the martyrdom of any one of our comrades is very sad for us.  Again we remember comrade Vejin and all of our martyrs with respect and a promise to heighten the struggle and implement the dreams of our martyrs anew.

Again we send our condolences to the family of martyr Vejin and all of our martyrs’ families.

The information of our fallen comrade is as follows:

Code name: Vejîn Zagros

Real Name: Xedîce

Mother’s Name: Meryem

Father’s Name: Fayiq

Place of Birth: Afrin

Place and date of death: Shadadi, 05.08.2019

YPJ Headquarters Command


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