To Our People And The Publıc Opınıon

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Comrade Ronya is a symbol of revolutionary stance

In the person of comrade Ronya, we sincerely remember comrade Zagros Heseke, Ali Basrawi and all martyrs of our struggle. We offer our condolences to the şehîd Ronya’s family and all martyrs’ families, we repeat our promise to keep the footsteps of our fallen comrades. The people of northern Syria, particularly the women, are at a crucial time of our struggle for freedom. It is a time requiring sacrifices everywhere on this geography. We the Women’s Protection Units YPJ understand the importance of this period, we believe in the fight for freedom and the struggle for humanity.

Shelling the cities of Kobane and Tal Abyad, the Turkish state once again showed to the world that it supports Daesh (ISIS) to reorganize.

Our comrade Ronya was one of the combatants who participated in those operations. Ronya fell a martyr as a result of an accident during the time which she was returning to her base. Every martyr is a reason to renew our commitment to the struggle, our comrades are protecting their people at all fronts.

Comrade Ronya had a leading role in all her responsibilities, despite her wounds, she was never away from the fighting. Her main request was to be assigned to the fore frontline, thus she joined in the liberation campaigns in Manbij and Jazeera Storm. In each operation she shouldered the most difficult tasks, because she was struggling to be an active member similar to her fallen comrades. She significantly supported the YPJ activities with selflessness, and she was present at the line of defending her people.

With her active stance, she was a source of strength and morale, correctly answering the question of how should we live. She preserved a revolutionary figure against all attacks targeting Rojava and Syria. Once again we respectfully remember comrade Ronya and all those who fell martyr for freedom, we offer our condolences to the martyrs’ families. On this basis, we vow to strengthen the struggle for the freedom of our people.

General Command Of The YPJ

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