To the Public Opinion and the Media,

To the Public Opinion and the Media,

On the occasion of the 2636th New Year’s anniversary and Nowruz celebration, we, in the General Command of the Women’s Protection Units, extend our congratulations to the Aryan people, especially to Leader Apo, the martyrs of the Freedom Revolution, and our resilient people who have been resisting tyranny, like that of the tyrant Dahak, for a thousand years. We also extend our greetings to the women, fighters, and all components of North and East Syria, as well as to all freedom-loving peoples and freedom fighters who keep the flame of Nowruz shining in the trenches of resistance.
Nowruz is considered a spirit and a culture celebrated in many parts of the Middle East and the world, especially by the peoples of Asia and the Caucasus, as a new season and a renewal of nature. For the people of Kurdistan, this day is a victory for freedom, the end of occupation, and the beginning of a glorious new history. Women lead the fields of resistance from March 8th until Nowruz. From Afghanistan to Iran, Palestine to Algeria, led by women, the spirit of Nowruz rallies the people to intensify their struggle against the oppression of rulers.
This year, on Nowruz, we hope that the level and intensity of the struggle will be higher than ever before. Let Nowruz be a means to liberate Leader Apo through the people’s resistance, a solution to the Kurdish cause, and a way to overcome crises and problems in the region. Let us put an end to occupation, war, and repression and live in the joy and beauty of Nowruz. We are confident that the Kurdish people will strengthen their national unity this Nowruz. It should be the basis for enhancing the system of democratic nationhood embodied in North and East Syria, to be built everywhere.
We call on all the sons and daughters of our people, the rebellious women, and the peoples of the free world to make the squares of Nowruz, as a historical tradition, arenas of resistance and struggle. Let them make every day with the spirit of Nowruz a day of resistance to raise the intensity of their struggle against occupiers and colonizers. As the Women’s Protection Units, we declare on this day that we will protect the values and gains of our people’s revolution and the women’s freedom revolution by all possible means. Once again, we pledge to achieve the freedom of this land following in the footsteps of our martyr comrades Şehîd Sozdar, Şehîd Rojhelat, Şehîd Azadî Derek, Şehîd Şervîn Şardar, Şehîd Sosin Birhat, Şehîd Jiyan Tolhildan, and all the heroic martyrs.

Death to the tyrant of the era!

Long live the spirit of the resisting New Year!

Long live the unity and solidarity of women and peoples!

Long live the leader of the peoples, Leader Apo!

With revolutionary greetings and respect,

General Command of the Women’s Protection Units


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