To our people and the public opinion,

To our people and the public opinion,

Due to the aerial attacks by the occupying and fascist Turkish state, our comrades Arin Kobani and Sorkhwein Jalal have been martyred. As a result of an aerial assault by the genocidal Turkish occupation, one of the most heinous attacks against fighters, pioneers, nationalists, and revolutionary workers, our comrades Arin Kobani and leader Sorkhwein Jalal were martyred in Kobani on April 3rd. We bow in reverence and respect to the memory of these comrades and their diligent work. We remember them with utmost respect and honor. We express our condolences to their national families, their people, all fighters, and pledge revenge for these continuous attacks.
Our comrade Arin Kobani was born into a nationalist and devoted family and was raised in this culture. She participated in revolutionary struggle at a young age, becoming one of the talented contributors to the revolution of freedom. With the consciousness she possessed, she rushed to protect her people, participated in all campaigns, and fulfilled her duties according to military standards, showing strong leadership in her character.
Our comrade Sorkhwein Jalal, born into the national Binayeshi clan in Jel, was raised in the original Kurdish culture. She received her education from the wellspring of nationalism and actively participated in the protests held in the streets of Jel against the Turkish occupation forces during her childhood. When ISIS mercenaries attacked Kobani, supported by the fascist Turkish state known for its culture of massacres, she responded to her people’s call and joined the Kobani resistance. Comrade Sorkhwein joined the Kobani resistance in 2014 and participated courageously and sacrificially in all revolutionary campaigns until her martyrdom. In the campaigns of Tel Brak, Tel Hamis, and the war in Hasakah and Seri Kaniye, she was always at the forefront, playing a leading role with bravery and dedication. The leader Sorkhwein Jalal was wounded multiple times in the war, lost one of her eyes, and became a wounded soldier for the revolution. Known for her compassionate and fraternal heart, she managed to hold every fighter close to her heart. Moreover, she was known for her humility and patience. She was beloved by all her comrades and left a deep impact on everyone she fought alongside.
We extend our condolences to the family of the martyr Sorkhwein Jalal, the martyr Arin Kobani, their families, our fighting people everywhere, and affirm that we will escalate our struggle on the path of revolution and achieve the goals of our martyred comrades. We will raise the flag they raised to victory. We call upon our people to adopt the cause of their martyrs and to be vigilant in facing the enemy’s tricks and treacherous attacks, responding to them directly.

For our people and the public opinion, we provide the record of our martyred comrades as follows:

Nom de guerre: Sorkhwein Jalal
Real name and nickname: Wahida Atala
Mother’s name: Hazni Jan
Father’s name: Haji
Place and date of martyrdom: 3/4/2024, Kobani

Nom de guerre: Arin Kobani
Place and date of martyrdom: 3/4/2024, Kobani

General Command of the Women’s Protection Units YPJ


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