To our people and the public opinion,

To our people and the public opinion,

The fighter in the Women’s Protection Units, Narvin Hawker, was martyred on April 22nd due to a traffic accident on the road to Sirîn. We offer our condolences to her esteemed family, all members of our people, and her comrades in the cause.
Our comrade Narvin Hawker was born in 1995 in Al-Hasakah city, within a patriotic family. Due to the nationalist spirit prevalent in her family, she felt a connection to her people and the cause of freedom from a young age, with a constant focus on the struggle for freedom. Comrade Narvin joined the ranks of the Women’s Protection Units with a high sense of responsibility and great courage at the onset of the revolution. She always wanted to be at the forefront, taking on the most challenging tasks in all fields. She actively participated in the Tal Hamis campaigns in 2013 and 2015, gaining significant military experience. She then headed to the Terebspiye front and participated in the campaigns to liberate the Tishreen Dam, Manbij, and Raqqa. During the attacks of the fascist Turkish occupation, she showed great resistance and strong defense in Girê Spî. She always stood at the forefront of the struggle. Alongside this, she was characterized by her humility and love for life, qualities that made her beloved among all her comrades.
Our comrade Narvin Hawker grew up with the heroic epics written by the freedom fighters. She followed in the footsteps of her three cousins who fought and martyred in the mountains of free Kurdistan in the 1990s. For Comrade Narvin, ending the occupation of the homeland and building a free democratic system based on the ideology of the Leader Apo was her main goal. Therefore, she trained herself militarily and ideologically. She was not only proficient in the military field but also had a deep ideological understanding.
In the Women’s Protection Units, we remember our comrade Narvin Hawker with great reverence and respect. We pledge to our people to achieve the aspirations of our comrade Narvin, and this will be one of the primary tasks and responsibilities that fall upon us.

We provide the public with the record of our comrade Narvin Hawker as follows:

Nom de guerre: Narvin Hawker
Full name and nickname: Dilan Derwish
Mother’s name: Nesrin
Father’s name: Mohammed Siraj
Place and date of martyrdom: 22-04-2024, Sirîn

General Command of the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ)

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