To Our People and the Public Opinion,

To Our People and the Public Opinion,

With gratitude, we remember all our comrades who sacrificed their lives in the Kurdish Freedom Revolution, especially the leadership figure in the Women’s Protection Units, Zozan Hasakah, who fell martyr while performing her duty. To the esteemed and patriotic family of Comrade Zozan, we extend our condolences, as we mourn with our people and her comrades in the struggle.
Our comrade Zozan was nurtured by the rich culture of the fertile Crescent Land, built on the emotions and ideas of resilient and knowledgeable women. She drew her truth from her social roots and historical values. Therefore, the persona of Comrade Zozan epitomizes the resistant and revolutionary woman in this sacred land.
Comrade Zozan joined the ranks of the Kurdish Freedom Revolution in 1990 from the city of Hasakah at a young age and continued her struggle with the fervor of youth until the day of her martyrdom. Coming from a maternal culture, she was known for her simplicity, sincerity, spontaneity, and humility. Alongside, she was strong in her struggle for life, confident in her knowledge and awareness, possessed a great will, capable of solving social problems, and profound in her knowledge. Comrade Zozan possessed the true qualities of camaraderie among her comrades. She believed in victory in the line of freedom until the end. Hence, she adopted the historical culture of resistance from which she came. Based on this foundation, she built and refined her personality with success and progress, acquiring her existence, nurturing her maternal and social culture, and becoming a revolutionary for her people.
Comrade Zozan aligned herself with the ideology of Leader Apo in the ideological academy of Leader Apo. Through the training she received in the school of Leader Apo, she was able to define the light of her struggle and make it the basis of her life. She became a revolutionary woman in many fields: the guerrilla, social fields, training activities, and war leadership. In every front of the struggle, Comrade Zozan demonstrated a real and effective participation, with clear determination, genuine sincerity, and great conviction in the revolution’s victory. Through this participation, she became a leader of the women’s revolution.
Comrade Zozan built her position through her hard work and continuous effort in all fields of struggle. During her 34 years of struggle, she aligned herself with the community and the values of the revolution. Thus, the history of Comrade Zozan’s struggle is the history of the struggle of Kurdish women, the Kurdish community. These 34 years laid the foundation for the struggle of Rojava Kurdistan to see women and all segments of society around Comrade Zozan and enrich common values. Hence, the position of Comrade Zozan in the women’s revolution in Rojava has a historical and social foundation.
Comrade Zozan made herself a source of fundamental principles for change and transformation in the democratic, national, and liberationist society. Therefore, she headed to Rojava at the beginning of the revolution, especially during the attacks of ISIS. She became a leader and pioneer of the women’s revolution, performing her duties in leading the revolution in Kobani, Serekaniye, and Deir ez-Zor.

Comrade Zozan led the women’s revolution as a leader of the Women’s Protection Units during these long years. She sacrificed herself until her last breath in her body to develop the revolution, through her work and knowledge, and fell martyr while performing her duties. With her relentless struggle and her character characterized by simplicity, loyalty, courage, and dedication, she became a source of sustainability for the promise of resistance and victory. The Kurdish people, Kurdish women, and youth fighting for freedom and justice will continue the march in the footsteps of Comrade Zozan.
Once again, we extend our condolences to our great national family, the House of Fatima, and all Kurdish women and her comrades in the struggle.

For public opinion, the identity of our comrade Zozan Hasakah is as follows:

Nom de guerre: Zozan Hasakah
Full Name: Manawar Fatima
Place of Birth: 1970, Hasakah
Mother’s Name: Shamsa
Father’s Name: Antar
Date of Martyrdom: 02-04-2024

General Command of the Women’s Protection Units


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