To Our People and the Public,

Our Comrade Dalila Judi Has Ascended After an Accident.

To Our People and the Public,

The fighter in the Women’s Protection Units, Dalila Judi, ascended to martyrdom on June 13 due to a car accident. First, we extend our condolences to her patriotic family, the people of Silopi, all our people, and her comrades.

The fighter Zozan Kartal, known by her nom de guerre Dalila Judi, was born in 2002 in the resistant city of Silopi and was raised in a patriotic family with Kurdish and national traditions. Our comrade Dalila Judi was a middle school student when the wave of extermination attacks against the Kurdish people and the Rojava Revolution intensified. Like thousands of young fighters, she stood against the aggressive policies based on the culture of massacres.

Our comrade Dalila Judi joined the revolution in 2014 when the terrorist organization ISIS besieged the resistant city of Kobani entirely, at a time when the Kurdish people were threatened with genocide. She fought to defend the gains of the revolution from the first moment she became a revolutionary fighter until the last moment of her life. She participated in the Raqqa Liberation Campaign with great courage, and she left her mark on the pages of history in eliminating ISIS mercenaries.

Martyr Dalila Judi joined the revolution at a young age and always maintained the vigor and spirit of youth within her. Therefore, she left a significant impact on life with her enthusiasm, activity, and high energy. She developed herself in the military field, and as a woman, she always sought to strengthen her character, will, and refine her revolutionary talent. Her greatest dream was for the children of her country to live in peace and security. To achieve this dream, she had to fight and elevate her struggle. Our comrade Dalila Judi lived her life with beauty, sincerity, and high comradeship spirit.

As the General Command of the Women’s Protection Units and her comrades, we will always be connected to the goals and dreams of the martyrs, and their memory will always illuminate our path of struggle. We bow our heads in memory of the martyrs and vow to work and struggle constantly and diligently to build the free democratic system.

We present the identity of our martyr comrade Dalila Judi to the public as follows:

Name and Surname: Zozan Kartal
Nom de Guerre: Dalila Judi
Mother’s Name: Fatima
Father’s Name: Abdullah
Date of Martyrdom: June 13, 2024

General Command of the Women’s Protection Units

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