“No one can block our sun, no one can remove the leader from our minds and souls.”

“No one can block our sun, no one can remove the leader from our minds and souls.”

Nujiyan Bahoz, a fighter in the Women’s Protection Units YPJ, commented on the isolation imposed on leader Apo, saying:

“First, we strongly condemn the conspiracy against leader Apo and the freedom-seeking people, because the one leading this people is leader Apo. With the philosophy of leadership, the people have developed themselves, and the Kurdish nation has grown and identified itself with this philosophy. For this reason, the occupying state does not tolerate this and increases the severity of isolation on the leader. Consequently, the leader is resisting this isolation with unmatched strength, and this resistance has influenced all comrades in prisons. They are all on hunger strike, sending this message to the occupying state: ‘If you leave the leader in this isolation, we are all like a circle of fire around our leader, growing and developing with his ideas.’ As the revolution martyrs say, ‘No one can block the light of our bright sun,’ today all those walking the leader’s path and the people who trust their leader and believe in his ideas repeat this phrase in their lives.

Leader Apo also sends this message: ‘Regardless of how difficult this isolation situation is, there are people who are extremely eager for freedom and have grown with this philosophy. This people has always gathered around me, and they protect this liberating thought with all their strength.’

We, as the fighters of leader Apo who have trained ourselves with this idea, say this to the Turkish occupation: No one can block the light of our bright sun. There have been many leaders in the world, but no leader had the ability to achieve freedom like leader Apo.

Leader Apo based his philosophy on women’s freedom, saying ‘A society will not be free unless women are free.’ We will achieve the physical freedom of the leader, and we have a steadfast belief in this cause.

As a fighter in the Women’s Protection Units, my call to everyone who yearns for freedom: the actions against this isolation should not be limited to marches, but should be realized everywhere by reading the leader’s books and promoting his ideas. The more our freedom-loving people support each other and become a single voice, the stronger their response to the occupation. This will force the enemy to surrender. Therefore, our people need to stand tirelessly and be the voice of the leader, because the unity of the freedom-loving people terrifies the enemy. ‘No life without the leader.’

I particularly address the Kurdish youth and Kurdish women: if they want freedom, if they want to be the voice of freedom for Imrali and respond to leader Apo, if their goal is to understand the ideas of leadership, they must join the ranks of the Women’s Protection Units.
And I repeat again that as fighters in the Women’s Protection Units: no one can block our bright sun, no one can remove the leader from our minds, souls, and hearts. From the moment we joined, we have been with the leader, drawing from his ideas, embodying this philosophy, and continuing our journey towards freedom and achieving the hopes and freedom of our people through the freedom of women. Therefore, we once again call on our freedom-loving people, with one spirit and one voice alongside your fighters, to break the doors of Imrali prison and achieve the physical freedom of leader Apo.

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