If we are breathing freely today, it is thanks to the thoughts and philosophy of leader APO.”

If we are breathing freely today, it is thanks to the thoughts and philosophy of leader APO.”

 Lavin peyman, a fighter in the Women’s Protection Units, assessed the strict isolation imposed on leader Apo, saying:

“The current phase we are going through requires a great struggle, and we must understand that well. If we have the opportunity for freedom today, it is thanks to the leader’s thoughts. Since the start of the conspiracy against our leader, he has been living alone between four walls on Imrali Island. We all know that what made this society stand on its feet again with a spirit of resistance is leader Apo. He had the greatest role in acquainting society with its freedom, but now he is facing severe isolation, and this requires a strong struggle against this isolation. The enemy knows well that if leader Apo implants this idea of freedom in the minds of the people, they will gain an unbreakable will, create their own strength, and will not need any state. They have intensified their attacks on the leader in an attempt to seize his will and spirit, but it is impossible for the enemy to succeed in its endeavor.

This attack has been carried out under international responsibility, and these countries protect their interests in the region and continue to do so to this day. This naturally means that these countries do not accept the rights of the people, but rather leave them without will and want to keep them under their authority.

Even in the face of these attacks, our leader is engaged in an unparalleled struggle to this day. As a result of this struggle, the revolution in Rojava was achieved. The whole people are moving under the umbrella of the democratic nation, not only in Rojava, but this ideology has spread everywhere. All the peoples of the world want to live freely and are calling for the thoughts of leader Apo. Let us understand this matter correctly and raise the level of our struggle. If we can breathe freely today, it is thanks to the thoughts and ideas of leader Apo. This revolution was built with great sacrifices, and everyone must work on this basis with a united hand. As fighters in the Women’s Protection Units, we pledge that we will raise the pace of our struggle with determination and strong participation, stand against all enemy attacks, and achieve freedom with the thoughts of leader Apo.”

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