To the Media and the Public,

To the Media and the Public,

Between June 30 and July 2, we held our fourth conference of the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ), with the participation of representatives from all fields of our struggle and the Women’s Freedom Movement. Gathering 115 delegates from Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, Turkmen, and international comrades under the slogan, “With the power of free women, we will protect the women’s revolution and the homeland, and guarantee the freedom of leader APO,” our conference displayed a high level of enthusiasm and morale. Leader Öcalan’s directives, messages from women’s organizations, and discussions on the political-military situation, organizational-ideological restructuring, revolutionary people’s war, and planning for the new phase were all read and debated with a firm conviction that we will undoubtedly triumph in establishing freedom. This marked the successful and fruitful conclusion of our conference.

Holding our conference on the anniversary of the martyrdom of the revolutionary Zilan (Zainab Kanaji) underscores our commitment to the principles of women’s freedom and the path of resistance and sacrifice embodied in her persona. We reaffirm that Zilan’s legacy will illuminate our journey towards freedom and victory.

Our conference thoroughly discussed the policy of torture and absolute isolation implemented in Imrali against the leader. To counter these policies and achieve the physical freedom of leader APO, our conference affirmed that the YPJ will mobilize all its energy and strength for APO’s freedom and will play a leading role in the campaign “Freedom for leader APO, political solution to the Kurdish issue.” On this basis, we dedicate this conference to leader APO, salute the guerrilla fighters struggling for honor and dignity, and congratulate our conference for all women fighting for freedom.

Our conference assessed the political and military situation in its entirety. Dominant powers attempt to resolve the crisis through military means rather than dialogue and solutions, violating all human and moral values for their dirty interests. Consequently, our conference concluded that the depth and breadth of the issues can only be addressed and resolved through women’s leadership and wisdom. The Women’s Protection Units bear the responsibility for this protection. Our conference also emphasized that any local or international alliances will not be accepted if they do not serve the interests of the region’s people and the gains of the women’s revolution. Regardless of the cost, the YPJ will protect the achievements of women and the region’s people.

Today, especially in Kurdistan, and across the entire geography of the Middle East and the world, the most heinous forms of violence, rape, suicide, murder, and repression are practiced against women. Patriarchal mentality strangles women at home, and occupying forces target them in all areas of life. With the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries attacking Rojava and northeastern Syria, women face various psychological, physical, and intellectual assaults. Therefore, based on the revolutionary people’s war strategy, women in society must educate themselves in defense and join the ranks of the Women’s Protection Units to end the occupation and protect themselves from the patriarchal, sexist, and genocidal mentality. This way, we can achieve our freedom and protect the values of the freedom revolution.

Alongside all these developments, our conference evaluated the activities of the past two years from ideological and organizational perspectives. Deficiencies and weaknesses in practical implementation were discussed in detail, and conference members presented their self-criticism. To achieve a higher level of struggle in war and life, the decision to rebuild the YPJ was made. On this basis, the establishment of the central headquarters for women’s protection in northeastern Syria was decided to elevate the pace of struggle and organizational level. As the YPJ played a pioneering role at the start of the revolution and made significant sacrifices, henceforth, protecting these achievements and the historical legacy of the revolution will be among its top priorities.

As the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ), we will organize life according to the revolutionary people’s war strategy. In the face of the special war policies pursued by the dominant male mentality, the force that will protect humanity and life is women’s essential protection. The YPJ is the organizational definition of essential protection for all women in the region and the world. The values of the revolution can only be realized through strong, conscious women connected to their homeland and land, seeing honor not in themselves but in the freedom of their homeland and people. The YPJ is an organized women’s identity. The YPJ embodies the essence and integration with the values of the revolution and the ideas of leader APO. The YPJ is an independent and organized force to protect all women. Based on the democratic national model, the YPJ represents the identity of Arab, Kurdish, Assyrian, Armenian, Turkmen, Circassian, and Chaldean women, as well as all women worldwide.

As the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ), just as we defeated ISIS, led by the fascist Turkish state and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) colluding with it, we will be an impenetrable barrier against all annihilation attacks. To build a democratic Syria and a democratic Middle East, we will tirelessly protect all women and people in the region. The YPJ has the strength, will, and determination to crown the hopes of the people and women and the martyrs of the women’s revolution with victory. On this basis, we renew our vow, stating that the spirit of sacrifice of the martyrs Zilan, Arin, Rivan, Sara, Ruken, Avista, Barin, Shervin Shardar, Surkhin Rojhelat, Azadi Derik, Zozan Hasaka, Hebun Anteria, Ivana Hoffman, and thousands of women’s freedom martyrs will lead us until the women’s revolution is achieved, building a free tomorrow for all humanity.

Long live the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ)
Long live the women’s revolution, life, and freedom
Long live the martyrs of the revolution
Long live leader APO

General Command of the Women’s Protection Units YPJ
July 11, 2024

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