Abdullah: We must establish joint protection mechanism for all world’s women

The spokeswoman for the Women’s Protection Units YPJ called for the need to establish a common protection mechanism for all women in the world, to protect women from the violence experienced by fascism and the ruling regimes.

In conjunction with the International Day Against Violence against Women, the spokesperson for the Women’s Protection Units YPJ, Nisreen Abdullah, talked to Hawar news agency (ANHA) about how to establish a common mechanism that includes all women and unites their efforts in the struggle against fascism.
‘We have to talk about strategic topics’
Nisreen Abdullah pointed to the situation of women subjected to violence around the world, including Syria. “Many strategic issues must be discussed, because the problems on the ground need a lot of energy to be overcome,” she said.
“The existing patriarchal systems and mentality were not a force to protect women,” she said. “The source of problems for women is male patriotism and the systems that run the world that claims justice, equality and democracy. But they were not as our current reality claims.”
‘We have to make this day a day to reach common decisions that serve all women to protect them everywhere’
“Every day we live in is a day to combat violence against women, to stop carefully about the problems that women suffer, and to make it a day to escalate the struggle and a day to reach common decisions that serve and protect all women everywhere, ” she said.
Establishment a common protection mechanism everywhere
She also touched upon the importance of establishing a common protection mechanism for all women, “When there is a joint protection mechanism for all women, all the wars everywhere, especially in the Middle East, will end.”
Nisreen Abdullah pointed out that women are able to find appropriate solutions to these problems, “because when they solve their problems it means that they are able to solve the problems on the ground wherever they are.”
She explained that the mechanism you are talking about is not only about the military aspect, “because the protection mechanism has many aspects, including political, social, human rights and others, and it is a mechanism to establish a system capable of protecting all societies, not just women.”
‘If there was a protection mechanism in Şengal, the Yazidis would not have been sold and killed’
Referring to the situation of Yazidi women who were subjected to the most horrific types of violence such as murder, sale and others in 2014, Nisreen Abdullah said: “We saw that women could not protect themselves because they were run by the male mentality and ruling regimes, this was evident in what happened in Şengal against Yazidi women by ISIS mercenaries, so this is necessary and must be mentioned.”
Without YPJ what would have happened to women’
Nisreen Abdullah wondered about the fate of women in northern and eastern Syria if the YPJ had not existed since the revolution began.
YPJ were not only a military force, but also a social force that had been able to establish a culture of protection everywhere, and that had had a significant impact on all societies and their strength against armed gangs.
She pointed out that the YPJ have brought women to a stage where they trust their abilities after being marginalized by the male mentality, and to emerge from the shadows and gain the trust of all segments of society in addition to becoming a means to build equality between women and men to some extent.
Women’s Protection Units YPJ Represents New Life Philosophy’
Nisreen Abdullah said that YPJ are adopting an ideological struggle that was founded in the event of war and did not stop even if the war stopped, as it represents the new philosophy of life, involving all women.
‘They killed Havrin because they represent the character of a resistance woman who did not accept slavery’
She continued that women are the pioneers in all uprisings, demonstrations and fronts, “A good example is the martyr Hevrin, who killed her because she represents the character of the resistance woman who did not accept slavery, as well as to the struggler Akida mother in the social arenas, and the fighter Amara, who did not accept surrender and decided to sacrifice her life, as well as hundreds of fighters who resist and dozens of them have reached the rank of martyrdom, so we must rise from this model, which developed in NE, Syria and followed by women around the world. ”
20 ‘Women and more than 40 fighters martyred in Dignity Resistance against the occupation and its mercenaries’
Nisreen noted that since October 9, women have been subjected to the fiercest attacks by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, Daesh and Jabhat al-Nusra in NE, Syria, their purpose to undermine the will of free women, where 21 women have been killed by the hands of the Turkish occupation and its gangs, and 40 fighters rose to the ranks of the martyrdom.
Nisreen Abdullah pointed out that these attacks are planned and the main objective is the resistance women, otherwise these attacks on women would not have occurred.
With the slogan “Women, Life and Freedom,” the world’s women support resistance to NE, Syria
Nisreen Abdullah stressed that the resistance of women in northern and eastern Syria has had a great impact on all women in the world since the beginning of the revolution.
‘We must struggle every day against violence’
Nisreen Abdullah, the spokesperson for the Women’s Protection Units YPJ, appealed to all women not only to fight against the International Day against Violence against Women, which marks on November 25, but to step up their struggle every day of the year.

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