Now, Suad, me and the other woman free, finally saved

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In the last phase of the pillars, of the Deash Terror  „day-by day women get freed and saved“.

many of the Deash  gangs, who have been in a unsolvable situation forced to surrender, and handed over to our forces.

among the liberated civilians, were also many yezidi woman and girls.

Many women were abducted during the time attack and genocide on Sinjar, when they were kidnapped by Deash gangs and the life of darkness been imposed on them,  but until the day of the revolt, many of the abducted Yezidi women, who were arrested by the terrorist gangs were been always without a light, still in the hope, waiting for a resolution, waiting for our fighters to free their children one day.

Two young girls named SUAD and HIND who were liberated by the fighters of YPJ were described as saying.

We were kidnapped by gang members during the massacre of Sinjar.

In the beginning, we did not tell Deash, that we are a Yezidis, because they would to kill us.

that time, many yezidi woman were kidnapped by Deash.

When they kidnapped me, I was 10 years old. Most of my family have been kidnapped too, but I do not know whether, if they alive survived, either where they are now.

When they married me, I been 13 years old.

Suad continued his speech as saying.

Now my sister is still alive and lives in Sinjar.

I am very pleased to be freed from Deash.

The other young girl named Hind says: So far I been for a very long time in the hands of them, . When Deash attacked Sinjar , I was kidnapped in Sinjar.

Now, Suad, me and the other woman free, finally saved.

YPJ Center for the Public opinion


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