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Nesrin Abdullah’s Response To Bouthaina Shaaban Claims

After consequent triumphs accomplished by YPG and YPJ against the terrorist groups, some officials in the Syrian regime fabricate false statements on the media saying that YPG and YPJ are our allies and they are coordinating with the Syrian regime in their attacks against the terrorists, in an attempt to distort the reality of YPG and the targets that they aspire to it. Also the Syrian regime invest YPG’s victories for its political purposes.

In her last statement, Buthaina Shaaban, Bashar Al-Asad’s advisor, she claimed that People’s Protection Units (YPG) and Women Protection Units (YPJ) are coordinating with the Syrian army and the national defense forces in the combats.

Buthaina Shaaban did not ask, how can these units be ally with her army and regime, in the meanwhile this regime is not avowing YPG and the aims that they are seeking about.

Such statements reveal the malicious mentality of Al-Baathist regime to distort the truth and pave the way for its obnoxious aims.

We confirm again that these statements are false and far from the truth. Our units with the other Syrian components such as Arabs, Assyrians, Syriac and the rest of the spectra are seeking for others aims different from Al-Baathist regime’s ones.

The spokeswoman of Public Relations Office of YPJ

Nesrin Abdullah

February 20,2016

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