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The Rojava revolution, which took place under the leadership of the YPJ forces, with the hard work and struggle of the people of the region and the blood of dozens of international fighters, has always been the target of attacks carried out by the occupying Turkish state whose fascist concept has shown its aggressiveness in a concrete way through helping and financing ISIS terrorists and attacking and targeting the leaders of the Rojava revolution. With these attacks, the occupying Turkish state is trying to avenge ISIS on the YPJ forces and revive ISIS.

The whole world knows that ISIS was defeated by the YPJ forces, and with this victory, the Rojava revolution grew bigger and the achievements of the YPJ were established. But since 2016 and onward, the occupying Turkish state has been violating human rights and carrying out all kinds of attacks in the occupied areas in Rojava and North and East Syria from harassment, rape, abduction of people, material and moral damage, demographic change, acts of assimilation, smuggling and destruction of historical sites, looting and stealing natural resources to tank attacks, artillery and reconnaissance aircrafts. These attacks of the occupyingTurkish state are carried out before the eyes of the entire world, yet no institutions or agencies have taken a stand against these brutal attacks until this very day.

On this ground, our appeal to our people, pro-democratic institutions and agencies is that everyone should file a case against the Turkish occupation State for these attacks. At the same time, we call on the European Council and the United Nations to put these crimes of the Turkish occupation state on their agendas ,take a concrete stand against these crimes and stop these attacks. To all the lawyers and our lawyer friends, we say that they should commit to and advocate for this case.

Most recently, the names of citizens, children and leaders of the Rojava revolution who were martyred and injured are as follows:

Sosin Birhat was martyred on 14.09.2021.

Renas Rojhilat (Selahettin Shehabi) was martyred on 19.08.2021.

Egid Girkêlegê (Bevan Ramadan) was martyred on  19.08.2021

Rubar Hasekeh (Eli Elxirze) was martyred on  19.08.2021.

Seyfallah Ahmed (Seyfallah Nawaf Ahmed) was martyred on 19.08.2021.

Yusuf Gulo-85 years old- was martyred on  09.11.2021.

Mazlum Gulo was martyred on  09.11.2021.

Mihemed Gulo was martyred on 09.11.2021.

Dilar Haleb (Ranya Henan) was martyred on 20.04.2022.

Ronahi Kobani (Rodin Abdilqadir Muhammad) was martyred on 20.04.2022

Kobani (Cihan Nidal Ali) was martyred on 20.04.2022.

Mizgin Botan (Rahime Xezali) was martyred on 30.05.2022.

Mizgin Kobanê (Siham Muslim) was martyred on 02.07.2022.

Jiyan Tolhildan (Selwa Yusif) was martyred on 22.07.2022.

Roj Khabur (Jiwana Heso) was martyred on 22.07.2022.

Barîn Botan (Ruha Bashar) was martyred on 22.07.2022.

Dina Osman 6 years old was injured on  04.08.2022.

Mahmoud Kharib Mamo, 6 years old, was injured on  04.08.2022.

Hisen Cemal Qasim, 7 years old, was injured on 04.08.2022.

Avrin Abdurrahman Heyder, 13 years old, was injured on 04.08.2022.

Orivan Mihemed Abdo, 15 years old, was injured on 04.08.2022.

Hisen Beyrem Eliko, 43 years old , was injured on  04.08.2022.

Sabah Henan Hemo,10 years old, was injured on 04.08.2022.

Azriya Ahmed Reşo, 23 years old,  was injured on 04.08.2022.

Ronahi Silo, 27 years old, was injured on 04.08.2022.

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