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Following the Afrin invasion, the balances attempted to be formed are being shaped according to the interests of states. The interests are always changing according to this situation. When we look at the relations between Turkey, Russia and Iran, Trump’s statement that the United States will withdraw its soldiers from Syria, and the air strikes on Damascus have altered these balances once again. We are seeing the games of two great states here, and they are always carrying the issues to different fields. As a result of the silence of the world, Afrin was invaded by the Turkish gangs with the assistance of Russia and Iran. Everyone watched this but still did not raise their voices against it.
After this, the chemical weapon issue in Ghouta and Douma was used as a pretext, and the United States said ‘We’ll intervene’. The Turkish state, on the other hand, used chemicals weapons in Afrin but the United States failed to say that they’ll intervene. Alongside this, no concrete evidence about the usage of chemicals weapons were found in Douma. Investigators were not even allowed inside Douma. They only said that they’ll intervene because chemical weapons were used. In military strategy, the announcement of an attack would not be made beforehand.
This shows that they are attempting to grab compromises from other states in front of them, attempting to form alliances. For this reason, Trump repeated the same threat for around ten days. The United States struck empty areas in Damascus and other points. The Syrian regime had taken precautions before the attack. An alliance between the United States and Russia was being formed in the period where the plans of the attack were being made. The United States and Russia saw unifying and re-initiating the Geneva process as an essential aim in front of Iran.
This was the situation at the moment while the nine targets hit were empty areas. The strikes only caused material damage. After the strikes, it was said that Geneva should get together for a solution in Syria. After this, preparation in Lebanon were made well-known. Following that, the developments of Israeli attacks against Syria, and the week-long meetings between the United States and Syria happened. At this point, Turkey took precautions. The Turkish state knew that they could no longer reach the gains desired in Syria. In order to make his power permanent, Erdogan immediately made the decision for early general elections before 2019. As Erdogan’s fate until 2019 was unknown, this decision was made so that Erdogan would stay in power for four more years. The Erdogan-Bahceli alliance was made for this purpose. Trump’s words on the withdrawal of American soldiers from Syria led to increased threats on Northern Syria from Erdogan. In this sense Turkey intervened in many issues. Following the Afrin assault, the regime forces said the following: ‘If I see support from the world, I’ll attack’. And so the regime attacked some of the positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces in Deir ez-Zor.
It could be said that every party is making the calculations of how much land it could grab, and how much of it could be settled into. When we look at this scene in general, we can see that there is an existing plan. What is this plan? The influence and presence of Iran is high in Syria and Iraq. Elections have taken place in Iraq and Lebanon, and we must take into consideration the three elections in prominent Middle Eastern countries. These are actually military elections, they are being carried out to gain support from parties. It could be said that in the political sense, nobody makes calculations without taking into consideration the Kurds. These states making calculations are against us, and if we are not careful we will find ourselves inside their traps. For example, the subject of Trump withdrawing American forces and replacing it with local forces from places such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia has been widely spoken about. If local forces come to Syria, this accounts to a sectarian war. We will not allow the Kurds to fall into such games. Because our paradigm is against sectarian wars and conflicts. The Kurdish people also has a certain awareness against this issue and it continues being developed. We will not halt our relations will everyone. But our relations will not be like before Afrin. We are in a strong position. We exist in entire Northern Syria as an organization, and we have control over the biggest part of Syria. We will develop relations with all parties in order to protect the gains we’ve made. However this will only take place under the scope of maintaining and protecting our gains. There is an ideological war against Leader Apo and our system. Their aim is to weaken our system and create a system according to themselves. As the Kurdish people, we will turn the existing atmosphere in all four parts of Kurdistan into the basis of a National Congress and protect our gains within the scope of the interests of our people’s national unity. At the moment the people of Rojava are in attempts to pioneer the national unity, aiming for the protection of the gains in Rojava with the efforts of all four parts of Kurdistan. The attempts to protect gains will be disturbing for many around us. This is because the international and regional powers are making calculations over these lands, and so a united people would break apart and fail their plans. Essentially, this is our Northern Syria project. At present there are continuing works to make this project beneficial for the whole of Syria.
Mizgin Ehmed

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