Fallen Martyrs

Martyr Arin Joudi a Member In YPG Media

Comrade Arin was born in 1996 in Terbe Spi in Rojava and grew up on the conception of struggling and resistance derived from the history of resistance of Rojava people. With a high moral, Arin joint to the rank of our units in 2013.

After her joining to YPG and YPJ, Arin took part in repelling the attacks of the mercenaries against her people in different areas in Jazira canton. After a period of time, Arin joined to the free media, and participated alongside her two martyred comrades Mazlom and Kadar I the coverage of the battles which was waged out by our units to repel the attacks of the mercenaries against Rojava. So she worked in the free media for a period of time.

With her camera and pen, Arin showed the truth of YPG and YPJ resistance against the attacks of the mercenaries and played a major role in showing the reality of the resistance of YPG for the public opinion.

Arin participated in Shengal battles, opening the humanitarian corridor between Shengal and Rojava, Tel Kocher battles, rabiaa battles, Jizaa and Tel Hamis. She took part in these battles as a fighter and journalist within our units. She was very brave in the battles against ISIS and when she was running out of her ammunition, she was carrying her camera and covering the battles.

In the campaign of liberating Al- Hawel town, she did her role well and had a prominent role in delivering the truth of resistance by YPG and YPJ to the public opinion.

On 31st of January, after her coming back from a media meeting and heading to the frontlines, a booby-tap was planted by ISIS blasted in her car, then she got martyred.

We in YPG media center, extend our deepest condolences to Arin’s family and to our people, and promise that we will walk in her path and all of other martyrs till the victory.

Martyr’s record as follows:



Real name: Ahin Ibrahim

Code name: Arin Judy

Mother’s Name: Faslah

Father’s Name: Fayek

Place of birth: Terbeh spi

Place and Date of Martyrdom: Al-Hewl 01/31/2016

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