Fallen Martyrs

Our Units Continue To Repulse The Attacks Of Al-Nusra Front And Al-Ba’ath Regime

Aleppo- on 27th of January, Al-Ba’ath regime’s jets has shelled with missiles on Shaik Maqsoud neighborhood at 13:30 pm, consequently, 4 civilians killed and 9 injured. At the same time of jets shelling, Al-Nousra Front mercenaries and Ahrar Al-Sham shelled the neighborhood with mortars and canons. In its turn, our units intervened quickly by carrying out a military operation against Al-Ba’ath regime by snipers in the eastern front of Shaik Maqsood, where more than two of regime’s fighters (Shabbiha) killed and others injured. On the other hand, our units repulsed Al- Nousra attacks on the western front of Shaik Maqsood, consequently one of the mercenaries killed.

Media Center of YPJ (Women’s Protecting Units)

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