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 The results of the 11th day of fighting and resistance in Northern Syria

 Despite the ceasefire agreement, the invading Turkish army and their mercenariy gangs continued their attacks.

Ras Al Ain

The invading Turkish army continued their movements in the villages of Ras Al Ain and they made preparations for attacks in some areas. In the villages al-Hebesh and Shikeriye, the Turkish-backed mercenary gangs wanted to attack the positions of our fighters. The mercenaries attacked the positions of our forces in some locations with heavy weapons and armored vehicles. Our forces used their right to legitimately defend themselves and replied to the attacks. As a result of the attacks replied to by our forces, the attacks by the mercenaries were repelled. The invading army shelled the area in the moments after the clashes.

Despite the ceasefire agreement, the invading army continued their preparations for attacks on the Til Khensir and Elok axises and gathered a number of mercenaries along the border.

As a result of the attacks carried out by the invading army and their mercenaries and attacks carried out by UAV’s, 16 of our comrades were martyred and a further 3 of our comrades were injured.


October 20th 2019

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