Fallen Martyrs

The women’s revolutin will be guaranteed by struggle and self defence.

For the 8th of March we celebrate women of the world, of the middle east and of Rojava, with women’s spirit of resistance, of those who desire freedom and of a free mind. We remember the personalities of all our şehîds, who turned their lives into tales of great heroism for humanity. Before the spirit of our şehîds we renew our promise and commitment to intensify our struggle.

In all of humanity’s history, the people and women seeking freedom have always come up against the oppressive systems of the dominant male. Women have risen up and led struggles for rights, against the mentalities of colonialism, and of destroying culture, spirit, thought and being. In the 20th century, the 8th of March, standing against the stripping of rights and of the mindset that saw a woman as a machine to be used, became an uprising of all women. Clara and Rosa fought to name this uprising as meaningful, and after years of struggle it became accept as the international day of women. From Clara’s resistance to Sara’s resistance, women are starting a new chapter in the history of struggle.

The 8th of March reaches a higher level of meaning every year, with the struggle and self organisation of women. Since the Rojava revolution, as a result of nine years of effort, work and struggle, with the leadership of women and of all the peoples living in Syria, unparalleled achievements have been reached. In the name of these acheivements, and with our 2020 slogan “Our struggle is freedom, victory to our resistance!”, we are living the spirit of the 8th of March. A heroic resistance has been developed in the face of the very worst expression of the dominant male system: the gangs of the Islamic State. In front of the fascism of the Turkish State our historic resistances of 2018 and 2019, in the name of all women who seek freedom, have given an answer to all the conspiring forces: that of the determination to live a free life for ourselves. With the self-sacrifice of Avêsta, with the revolutionary comrades’ spirit of Ronahî, Zîn, Sara, Amara, and Dilovan, with the nobility of Dayê Eqîde and all the şehîds’ mothers, with the beautiful spirit of Hevrîn we renew our determination for the struggle and the journey of a free life.

Today the need for us to intensify our struggle and deepen our self defence grows ever greater. The world we live in still considers femicide, rape, kidnap of women and other gender-based violence to be legitimate. For this reason we need every woman who sees the reality of this darkness forced on women and creates a common struggle through solidarity. Today the struggle of women in every field is plain to see. It’s necessary that women broaden and develop the struggle. As the women’s self defence units YPJ, we guarantee the women’s revolution and in 2020 we will make our struggle even stronger.

On this basis we once again celebrate the 8th of March to women across the middle east, the world, and all those women fighting on the frontlines. We keep our belief and faith in the victory of women’s revolution clear in our minds.

YPJ General Command


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