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Code Name: Amara Semsur

First and Last Name: Çağla Uzun

Date and Place of Birth: 1998 Adana

Mother’s name: Sever

Father’s name: Veli

Join Date: 2015

Date of Martyrdom: 19.01.2017 Reqqa Sewediy


Amara Semsur (Çağla Uzun) was born in Adana to a patriotic family. Amara was influenced by the achievements of the Rojava Revolution. In particular, when the YPJ declared itself on 04.04, she sought to learn more about it. She participated in youth work modelled on the practice of Arin Mirkan and Zozan Koban, the symbols of the revolution. But this was not enough.


She was constantly searching for a way to oppose the state’s policies of denial and destruction, its massacres of the youth, its psychological warfare. The existing situation was not enough for her.  She decided that she should be more involved in the struggle, and joined the revolution in Rojava in 2015…


Since ancient history, women have played a leading role in struggle.  Let’s defend the memories of those such as Klara, as Rosa, Janda, and the Sara’s, the Arins, the Avestas, and many more. Women’s resistance and leadership still continue.  Amara resisted like these pioneering women, and was determined to set an example with her sacrifices, justice, loyalty, and love of her comrades.


In the battle to liberate Raqqa in 2017, Arabs participated intensely, and many women fought for a free tomorrow for all women and children.  Now there are many young Arab women who have joined the struggle and taken her name.  In addition, many newborn girls were named Amara.  This is a symbol of the brotherhood of the peoples. The Kurdish, Arab, Syriac, and Turkmen people are standing together and continuing their struggles.


“Companionship is sacred and beautiful”

The YPJ fighter Amara wrote: “Companionship is sacred and beautiful.  It is companionship and comrades that make us alive. Here one has comradeship with people from different countries and cities, people from everywhere.  You sacrifice your life without account, without a fanfare. Even if every martyrdom is painful, you will understand the pain, continue to struggle, and get stronger. Doing something for those comrades who have made their names in history does not only mean fighting on the battlefield. It is my goal to recreate them in every sense of life, to oppose wrongs and to truly live like the martyrs. My effort has always been to be a true comrade and to do this well.”


“As I internalized the women’s path, I became closer to myself”

Amara continued: “These days have come with relentless struggles and costs.  We should not stop, no matter how many times we fall and get up again on the path of freedom we are walking. Flowing water does not stop.  Do not give up; do not be afraid; do not run away from your problems. Face your truth, be brave. I was far from myself before. I was afraid to meet my own reality. Reality had always escaped me. After joining this struggle, I started to give meaning to the reality, philosophy, and ideology of Leader Apo, and I slowly returned to myself. Concentrating on the foundation of the women’s path, I was encouraged and started to educate myself everywhere, starting from myself, and also aimed to educate those around me.  If I can put a smile on the face of my comrades, I am happy… Of course, this was not sufficient for me.  As I gave meaning to reading and internalizing the women’s path, I became closer to my own essence.  I started to love life. And I promised that I would be a leader, for our martyrs, and our people, for whatever happens no one can separate me from the bright path of the sun. I will be a standard-bearer in the struggle for freedom… ”

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