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We will protect our revolution and work on developing and globalizing it

At a time when violence and genocide against women and society have reached its highest level , struggling freedom- loving women resist with all their strength and will and with great determination against men and the lethal authoritarian mindset that dominates and forces genocide on women and society and forces them to struggle for freedom and we welcome the 25th of November with great enthusiasm . The struggle of women which is built on the experience of the Mirabell sisters , Roza, Clara and the great revolutionary Sara and the martyrs of Rojava extends and is prominent today in the figure of the YPJ commander Sosan Birhat . From the mountains of Kurdistan to the lands of revolution in Rojava ,Afghanistan , across the Middle East and all over the world , women increase their struggle in every way and this leads to standing up against oppression, occupation and fascism . This operation that kills the deadly mindset of women belonging at home and targets them in the areas of struggle and makes them migrate their country and seeks to target women’s existence, knowledge and will , and this violence rules women’s existence , knowledge and passion , that’s why they have to organize themselves against these cultural, social and political attacks and defend themselves and this is not possible without a great organized force . When women in Rojava initiated revolution in their fundamental power and ripped apart the tent of darkness and came out as fighters and grew up with the philosophy of liberating the victorious women that was developed by the leader Apo , today with the same spirit, mindset and determination to break the deadly force they are able to build a free society in the person of a woman . With the existence of wise and female commanders , the power of organized women was targeted from the Mirabell sisters to the great leader of freedom Sara and targeting the YPJ commander Sosan Birhat in the same situation . Today the authorities that practice all kinds of violence and destruction on women and the population in the occupied territories are the result of the same preconception. We call on all Kurdish , Arab , Armenian and Assyrian women and all women in the region , the Middle East and the world to become one , get organized and unite with the strength and will of women of Rojava revolution and their struggle for freedom in all areas of revolution to ensure a democratic confederate society . As we say in the person of these great revolutionaries that as we have endorsed the revolution in Rojava , the hope of all women and democratic societies is that we will measure up to the challenge with the spirit of the commander Sosan , express our free will through our fundamental power , defend ourselves , eliminate the occupation on our country and liberate Afrin , Sre kaniye and Gre Spi , eliminate the threats on our country , defend our revolution , reach the global level , break isolation with the age of freedom , defeat fascism and end the occupation .


General Command YPJ


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