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On the occasion of the International Human Rights Day, which is on December 10th and which was approved by the United Nations General Assembly, the Women’s Protection Units wish to extend their appreciation and heartfelt thanks to all the parties that adopted it and worked to implement it and respect it on the ground and made them concrete and livable rights and covenants at the level of peoples as well as for the individuals.
We also note that the Women’s Protection Units and the General Defense System in Rojava have adopted and respected human rights practically and seriously since its establishment on April 4, 2013, and since the beginning of the Rojava Revolution that was built on the foundations of democracy, human rights, social justice, and gender equality, and which has become a beacon and hope for the oppressed peoples in the region and the world during the past ten years of the Syrian crisis.
Terrorist actors such as ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Jabhat Al-Nusra supported by the Turkish state have missed no chance to attack and undermine the gains achieved by the Women’s Protection Units in the Rojava Revolution. The Turkish state, its army, and its armed factions of mercenaries continue to commit, on a daily basis, the most heinous atrocities, crimes, and violations of human rights and international humanitarian law through its gross abuses on women, children, and the elderly in the occupied areas of northern and eastern Syria.
The Turkish State and its mercenary armed factions do not hesitate for a moment to rape and torture women and girls inside their detentions and prisons and extort families for ransom to release their children and loved ones or to hand over their bodies after they kill them. The Turkish State and its mercenaries continue their systematic actions of forced displacement, demographic change, the seizure of the property of indigenous citizens and their homes and housing the strangers in them by the force of arms, the indiscriminate bombing of villages and towns, the assassination of civilians through drone attacks and intimidation of the public, these are war crimes and gross violation of Human Rights and International Norms and Covenants.
The international silence and turning a blind eye to the terrorist practices committed against our people by the Turkish State and its armed factions in Afrin, Seri Kanye, and Tal Abyad despite the documentation of these heinous crimes by the international organizations and in particular the report of the United Nations International Commission of Inquiry is intolerable and unacceptable.
We, in the Women’s Protection Units, on this International Human Rights Day, call on all free peoples and women, in particular, to raise the level of struggle to get their legitimate rights. We also call on the International Community and international organizations concerned to monitor the human rights situation, and especially the United Nations to carry out their duties and play their role effectively to establish peace and justice between peoples and nations, to end the Turkish occupation of the Syrian territories, and bring the perpetrators of crimes to justice and prosecute them.

General Command of Women’s Protection Units
December 10th, 2021

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