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These days mark the ninth anniversary of the martyrdom of two of our comrades Slava and Berivan, the commanders of our units who sacrificed themselves for freedom and in defense of the principles of the Rojava revolution , this revolution that would not have achieved what it had achieved without the sacrifices of our great comrades and thousands of martyrs who lost their lives to defend the people against the authoritarian regimes , mercenary factions and terrorist jihadist organizations.

Women have contributed heavily and efficiently to the Rojava revolution . Thanks to their efforts , the voice of this revolution has reached all parts of the Earth and has become a repository of hope for all the free people and for all women fighting for their freedom and defending their identity . Therefore, as we recall our two leading comrades, we recall through them all the female fighters who have sacrificed themselves for the freedom of women and freedom of their people such as the martyrs Leila Qasim, Shereen Al-Moly, Ghirbet Iden and many other heroic fighters . Similarly , we renew our pledge to all women to follow in our fellow martyrs’ footsteps to achieve their hopes and reach freedom.

The political systems in the Middle East have been ruling regimes of looting , depredation and authoritarianism in which the identity and existence of women were abolished . Thanks to the struggle of thousands of women , including comrades Slava and Berivan, the identity of the Rojava revolution has become the identity of free fighting women . With unrivaled courage , our forces , led by those martyrs , proved to be the identity of free women which had an effective and positive impact on Arab, Assyrian and Syriac women and women from all the components of the region and opened the door for women from different backgrounds to join the ranks of our forces , as well as to engage in all institutions concerned with the issue of women. Our forces were also, thanks to the sacrifices of our female comrades, an inspiration for all women around the World and a motivating factor for international women to join the ranks of our forces to raise the banner of women’s struggle in the Middle East and around the World.

Comrades Slava and Berivan who were from Afrin , joined the ranks of our forces and played a leading role in establishing and organizing the ranks of our forces . They participated with great will and unrelenting determination at different levels to build professional forces for women . They also participated actively in the battles that took place between our forces and mercenary factions in more than one place.

In 2013 , some mercenary factions attacked Afrin in order to occupy it . Our forces responded to this treacherous invasion. Comrade Berivan was one of the commanders who conducted many battles and was martyred on May 28,2013. Comrade Slava was one of the most prominent military leaders who managed battlefronts against the invaders and was martyred on May 29,2013.

The martyrdom of comrades Slava and Berivan was a decisive factor and an incentive for us as Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) to step up the struggle, improve the organization , build a military force for women and bring it to professionalism. The strength, organization and discipline we have achieved today are only the result of the sacrifices of these comrades.

As we enter the tenth year of our martyrs’ anniversary and at a time when our country and people are experiencing real dangers due to the existential threats by the Turkish state , we affirm that we are stronger and more determined and persistent than ever to follow the path of our fellow martyrs to defend our country and our people with all its components. We affirm that the language of threats  will only increase our determination to inflict defeat on enemies and invaders.


General Command of Women’s Protection Units (YPJ)


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