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The occupying force of the Turkish state continues to relentlessly and brutally attack the territories of Kurdistan and the Rojava revolution. These attacks continue unabated under the gaze of international forces that Turkey does not lose its brutal authority in the region. The Rojava revolution took place under the leadership of women and has, with their strength and will, saved our humanity from ISIS gangs. We have always been the target of attacks by the occupying Turkish state. However, as YPJ forces we will not remain silent in the face of these threats and attacks and we will not retreat from defending and expanding the Rojava revolution.

On May 30, in the city of Al-Qamishli, the occupying Turkish state attacked a car with a drone. Our comrade Mizgin Botan and the patriotic citizen Kesra Melek were martyred in this incident, our comrades Dijla Judi and Hevidar Dirbesiye were injured. We extend our condolences to the families of comrades Mizgin Botan and Kesra Melek and we once again pledge to all our martyred comrades that we will achieve the goals they sacrificed their lives for. We wish our comrades Dijla Judi and Hevidar Dirbesiyê a speedy recovery.

Comrade Mizgin Botan, known as Rahime Ghezali, answered the call to mobilize and joined the ranks of the YPJ Women’s Protection Units at the time of heavy fighting in Rojava. Originally from the city of Salmas in East Kurdistan, she grew up in a family dedicated to the revolutionary struggle. Mizgin grew up with love for her land and people and was always living in search for our collective freedom. When the Rojava revolution took place, comrade Mizgin lived through it with great joy and excitement. When ISIS gangs were heavily attacking Rojava, Mizgin headed to her homeland there and took part in the revolution. Comrade Mizgin has always displayed a desire and willingness to take part in all the front lines of resistance. With great determination for freedom, Comrade Mizgin promoted the creativity and steadfast ideas of the women of the Rojava revolution, she became a protector and leader of the triumph of women’s liberation that strengthens the path of freedom. She led a great and meaningful life with a spirit of solidarity and friendship.

As YPJ forces, we offer our condolences to the family of Comrade Mizgin and we state that revenge for the martyrs is our duty. As such, revenge for Comrade Mizgin and all the martyrs will be taken. Just as comrade Mizgin fought with a selfless spirit to defend and expand the Rojava revolution, as her comrades, we too will not accept any threat to our land, our revolution and our existence. We will fight all the threats and attacks we face and protect our country. At this point in time, whilst we are experiencing serious threats and attacks on our people and land, our people must realise their humane and revolutionary duty more than ever. The defeat of the occupiers and the ceasing of their attacks will be at the hands of revolutionary people.

Code Name: Mizgin Botan

Name and Surname: Rahime Ghezali

Mother’s name: Surya

Father’s Name: Ismail

Place of Birth: 1989-Selmas

Place and Date of Martyrdom: Al-Qamishli-30.05.2022


YPJ General Command


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