Fallen Martyrs

YPJ recalls the martyrs of the Turkish occupation bombardment of QARGUKH


The general command for the women protection units,(YPJ ) recalls martyrs of QARGUKH in their third anniversary,  and pledged to continue on their path in order to reach a free , dignified and secure life .


Tomorrow it’s the third anniversary to target the Turkish occupation the headquarters of the general command for the people protection units, and women in QARGUKH,  in this regard the general command for ( YPJ ) issued a statement  remembered the martyrs.

The text of the statement is ,

In the third anniversary of QARGUKH massacre,  we recalls all the martyrs of freedom who resisted with great spirit and high struggle,  to protect their people, and their homeland they  sacrificed themselves for that path  , we renew our pledge in front of their greatness,  courage to continue on their path  .

The years that passed had a lot meaning for us , it was years to achieve historical gains in the midst of our revolution , we were subjected to aggressive attacks as a result.

Thanks to free women philosophy and the standing of the Kurdish and Arab and all the people in the region together we were able to repeal this attacks and destroy all the aggressive agenda.

Thousand of women who were looking for freedom,  they were liberated from ISIS darkness,  the voice of women’s resistance rose more and more,  and the will that our people trusted it’s the will of our men and women fighters YPJ and SDF .

At the time we lunched a campaign to defeat ISIS brutality and ended,  the Turkish stat directed an attempt to repeal our campaign by targeting the headquarters of our general command and military locations , in 2017 and specifically the day April 24 QARGUKH mountain turned into a target for the aggression.

We have lost in this attack dozens of our college’s who struggled and resisted in SERI KANI KOBANI AFRIN in order to protect their people , every on of them has become a symbol and legacy for our struggle and their names written in the history pages,  the likes of our comrades ARARAT , JIYAN ,RUSTEM , who were a symbol of the resistance in COBANI , and the likes of our college’s  SHILAN BOTAN , HEQI , BACOK , REWAN , KENJO , military media members who played a big role in developing war military media.

Our college’s,  NODA , SOZDAR , AWAZ , ZILAN , DESTAN , ARJIN , SHILAN KOBANI , each on of them played  a big role in this revolution and they fought in several front line to repeal enemies attacks.

Today with the help of regional country’s,  occupied power occupy leaded by Turkey our city’s AFRIN SERI KANI / TEL ABIYD without a doubt the aim of the  occupiers its the entire geography of Rojava  and the area’s north east of Syria,  but thanks to the sacrifices, resistance of our fighters and with the will of our standing people on his land , their agenda did not reached their goals

Our fighters from , SDF , YPG , YPJ ,realize that the people takes the will from them , that’s why they standing in the front line and sacrificing in order to protect them  , as renewing the pledge of  QARGUKH martyrs.

Today,  QARGUKH massacre lifted behind us 3 years,  this brutality will never forgotten,  we have lost dozens of martyrs,  we are in the general command of ( YPJ ) we turn to our people and say: we will punish our enemy for every massacre and attack committed it against us,  we will revenge for our people and all humanity once again we renew our pledge of our martyrs to reach free , dignified and safe life For our people and women’s .

YPJ general command

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