We congratulate the forth birthday of April the birthday of free human the leader Abdullah Ocalan to all the struggling women’s   and the seventh anniversary of the founding women’s protection units ( YPJ ) we also congratulate this day on our people in north east of Syria and all the ancient peoples of the middle east , we bow in appreciation and generosity on the spirit of the martyrs of the revolution in the character of the martyr JINDA TELL TEMER , WARSHIN ,REVAN ARIN in the character of the martyr SHERVIN we recalling QARACOKH martyrs and in the character of the martyr ZEYN RONAHI AND AMARA we recalling all the martyrs of the dignity and we congratulate them on this blessed birthday .

The leader birthday is the birthday of the free community for the Kurdish people and to all the people of Mesopotamia , it’s the existence birthday , the culture life and manners the fact of the commander Ocalan it’s the fact of humans value , against various practices of authoritarianism , the commander philosophy and ideology it’s the name of the free life for the modern people , this new life founded with a mind , thought , confidence , courage , and the will of the free organized woman .

The story of every people it’s a reason for the revaluation and the story of every women is a reason to building strength to protect all the women , in this age that we live in building the free women army it’s a guarantee to build free patriot community . in this historical day  as women’s protection units we have decided to become the protective force of her community , against all various forms of occupation who denies our identity our culture and our existence we took from the women free life  philosophy  basis for our struggle , this historical day has various meanings for us . we have given the most biggest sacrifices for this struggle and we fought against biggest terrorist organization in the world and various mercenaries groups . we established our selves on the legacy of the thousands of martyrs who fought and struggled with great courage . in this way our organization expanded and included all women and the people of the regain from religions cultures and different identity . and today women join from all over the world .

With no doubt the eighth anniversary from our struggle we are going through new difficult  level . authoritarian capitalist system is trying to attack our land and occupy it from one side and from another side he is leaving in a big impasse full of social economic and ecologic problems . here he is attacking today on the entire world through corona artificial virus . in every day thousands of people lose their lives we  condolences the humanity and we share this big tragedy that they leaved and we asked all the women to play their roll with their struggle to protect the community from all various crises and capitalist system diseases .

We as women’s protection units we receive our eighth year within such crises . in every from our struggle we have given value sacrifices and we still giving sacrifices to protect all the women and the humanity . but in such period that the entire  world face  capitalism diseases to protect himself , the Turkish occupation is attacking all north east Syria areas and he forbidden the people from the area from receiving their life needs . and this is a big evidence on the fact the mentality of the fascist Turkish state far from manners of the humanity but against all various of occupation our struggle path very clear . as women protection units to protect women’s and people of the region from all enemies we will strength our struggle and our resistance more than any time ago .

With this conscious we receive the eighth anniversary for women’s protection units . so , our responsibilities and historical duty very big . to do our duty we will give whole sacrifices that the soul of the level  requires it from us in order to break heavy isolation on our commander and achieve his freedom  .

Consequently we congratulate  the birth, day the fourth day from April to our commander Ocalan and the seventh anniversary for founding YPJ we also congratulate this day to all the women and peoples of north east of Syria and all the humanity. We renew our pledge to the martyrs of the resisting dignity and that we will build  free tomorrow and dedicated to all humanity . general commander

YPJ general command

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