The highest value of sacrifice…immortality


Immortality is a diverse word as well as being sacred. All peoples have a goal to immortalize their history, milestones, language and culture.  Therefore, they have resorted to immortality but each have their own concept and method. Some have succeeded, others embodied it by immortalizing individuals and trying to achieve material immortality as in the example of Gilgamesh and Pharaohs. This immortalization was limited to a specific category and its purpose was preserving life .

Martyrdom for the sake of a free life

The concept of sacrifice and immortality is one of the most exciting topics as it is based on the principle of voluntarism, selflessness , sacrifice, loving life, renouncing the philosophy of death and keeping away from personal goals, in addition to taking the public interest as a basis for it through voluntary human behavior and taking the initiative to do as much as possible to maintain peace, security and continuity. Sacrificing yourself for your country is the greatest and most noble kind of sacrifice ever. Psychologist Adler believes that sacrifice is a behavior that stems from a lifestyle where the self reaches the highest levels of humanity and becomes effective and creative to overcome the obstacles and circumstances of life.

Sacrificing nature is connected to women’s being

Since the dawn of time, this concept has been rooted in women’s genes with their emotional nature, and reaches its highest meaning with the formation of human groups which extend to this day. The essence of sacrifice is to reject the imposed standards and recreate life . A sacrificing person is someone who rejects all negative standards that control their life and make them an automaton. All myths and stories have told about people sacrificing themselves because they served humanity and provided a more beautiful life for their people and societies. Thus, sacrifice is considered a death for renewed life and medicine for diseases of humanity and society. Kurdish society is a large example of sacrifice despite all the paradoxes and extermination it has experienced.

Selflessness is the highest value

Human history , just like the history of gods, feeds on many stories of multiple sacrifices, such as those of mothers who sacrificed for their children, soldiers for free homelands, martyrs in defense of land and honor and many other forms of sacrifice where arts, music, cinema, literature and paintings tell the stories of these sacrifices, and make them their main topic. They master the art of glorifying and immortalize them hoping they would bring us back to a fundamental reality: the reality that our civilizations exist only because of great sacrifices. Without the value of selflessness that these sacrifices represent, peoples would have no history to  glorify or immortalize. These sacrifices remind us wherever we are in time and space that we are not selfish and they reflect the essence of real human beings and that sacrifice is the only way we can take to fulfill our entire being.

The principle is to continue resistance and save the lives of communities

Women in The Women’s Protection Units are the same women who have suffered persecution and oppression at the hands of patriarchal masculine concepts, and being the ones who lived this bitter experience, only they can change society’s inferior view of them and save women from the swamps of ignorance and subordination. They know very well that women were protectors and the ones who made sacrifices since the beginning of society. However, we must be open and far from bigotry, and make it clear that we do not deny the role of men in protection and sacrifice, but we criticize the marginalization of women’s presence side by side with men through the course of history.  We also criticize the enforced disappearance of women in history by patriarchal societies that showed no mercy for them. We will try to shed light on their reality.

Women in the Women’s Protection Units are willing to die and sacrifice themselves for the sake of free life for their society and humanity. They have created values and ideas that turned into a cause that hundreds of women in the units were martyred for and became a symbol for the immortality of mother goddesses. Sacrifice came as a phenomenon to spread aesthetic values in society and perhaps it was the reason and key support for what humanity in its current situation has come to. The issue of democracy and free life is one of the most important human values and those who sacrifice have the leading role in the development of humanity.

The Kurdish women’s movement kept pace with all global liberation movements with its dialectic nature, and as much as they love life, they refuse to live under the global denial of Kurdish identity and women’s identity. They sacrifice themselves for their cause as an inevitable necessity imposed by history, geography and chaos resulting from conflicting countries in the Middle East, and work to achieve the values of beauty and freedom and raise political awareness. Laila Qasim’s statement: “Tomorrow I will become the bride of Kurdistan” and comrade Khairi’s statement who was sentenced to death: “Write on my tombstone that I owe Kurdistan” only reflect awareness of history and humanity.

We can say that the sacrificing nature is always available for the sake of immortality and is naturally produced by society through the long heritage of resistance. In addition to these heroic martyrs, it can be said that the guerillas are the pockets of resistance, the group that has never given up, deviated or been defeated from within, but continue the path of resistance despite the difficulties to keep the struggle alive and seek to consolidate the roots of struggle for future generations . The strength and stock of the resistance inherent in the Women’s Protection Units is inexhaustible and cannot be destroyed. It is constantly renewed and changes its form and there is always a time where it explodes, renews and regains its role whether through armed struggle, martyrdom operations, prison resistance, hunger strikes or individual initiatives.


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