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Our revolution has become more powerful on its tenth anniversary


For our people and public opinion

On the tenth anniversary of the Rojava revolution , we extend our congratulations to the leader Abdullah Ocelan, the martyrs and injured of the revolution, the militants who resist in prisons, the families of the martyrs, all the people of Rojava and northeastern Syria, and all freedom-loving peoples. July 19 is the cry of women, youth and society at large against occupation, exploitation, injustice and inequality in the 21st century. The July 19 Revolution, which is based on the history of resistance of the Kurdish people, is an expression of the people’s will and determination for freedom. This women-led revolution created a new life in the geography of northeastern Syria.

The Kurdish people’s uprisings, which remained partial for centuries, found the way to success in light of the ideas and ideology of the leader Abdullah Ocelan, and believing in the idea of ​​a democratic nation, the independence flag was raised from Kobanê to Efrîn, Dêrik and Qamişlo, and for 10 years the revolution became stronger despite all the political, military and economic attacks. The historic July 19 Revolution is the product of the people’s leader, Abdullah Ocelan. He has worked relentlessly to organize the people of Western Kurdistan ( Rojava) , and today this effort is manifested in the autonomous administration. Once again, the leader Abdullah Ocelan, the creator of communal and democratic life, has instilled the strength and faith of free life in the whole world.

The struggle and resistance of women against the oppression occupied an important place in all revolutions. Many women have sacrificed their lives in this revolution from our earliest martyrs Silava, Bêrîvan, Ruksen, Jînda, Özgür to our sacrificing mothers Mother Gulê, Mother Eqîde and female fighters Hebûn, Zehra, Amîna, Hind and and the international martyrs Hêlîn (Anna Campbell), Avaşîn (Ivana Hoffman), Sarya Bulut, Ceren Güneş and many others .This revolution was undoubtedly achieved thanks to the hard work of these women and the struggle of our people. We must also mention the struggle and hard work of the comrades Hevrîn and Ferhat in the revolution having worked for the revolution throughout their lives, and contributed to its growth until it reached its tenth anniversary.

On the anniversary of the July 19 Revolution, we say to all the people of Rojava and northeastern Syria, that just as our people and women fought at the beginning of the revolution, today also in our second revolutionary step of building and protecting the revolution, all the components of the region must carry out their duties towards it . There is no doubt that there are some difficult economic conditions, as well as social issues at the present time, on the other hand genocidal attacks are carried out daily on the region and they want to destroy our revolution. Therefore, we must put all our problems aside, at this critical stage, and all our people, Kurds, Arabs, Syriac and Armenians must unite within the revolution, hide underground, help their fighters and prepare for war. Just as all freedom-loving peoples performed their duties towards this revolution that was sparked by the peoples of the region, today it is also necessary to fulfill our duty to protect this revolution against all threats of occupation. Committing to the revolution of July 19 is a humanitarian duty. Hence , as we built this revolution hand in hand with our people, we need to work harder now to protect its achievements. In a time when the fascist occupation of Erdogan threatens again to occupy our regions, let the whole world and public opinion know that we will protect our land with the help of our people at all costs.

As Women’s Protection Units YPJ, the struggle against the sexist social mindset and against invasion attacks has become a historical symbol in freedom-loving societies. As we have fought, since the outbreak of the revolution, the obscurantism of ISIS mercenaries, which had become a frightening nightmare of humanity, we will continue to fight against all the attacks on our revolution which is the result of unrivaled work and struggle . We as the fellow comrades of those who built the revolution have a duty to protect and expand it. Therefore, just as we took our positions on the front lines in Rojava and northeastern Syria and built a revolution, we will, in the same spirit of resistance, expand our revolution to protect our people, women and revolution.

YPJ General Command


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