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To our people and public opinion

To our people and public opinion

Erdogan’s Fascist regime and its accomplice and agents ISIS mercenaries, who have always been enemies of the Rojava revolution and its creators, want to achieve their concept of annihilation and defeat women’s power with their daily brutal attacks . They want to destroy the power of women who lead the struggle for freedom by targeting the revolution. Although these attacks occur in front of the coalition forces and Russia who are present in the region, these forces turn a blind eye to these attacks and do not respond . Therefore,these forces are just as responsible and involved as the forces that carry out these attacks.

On July 22, the occupying Turkish state attacked a car on the road to Qamişlo with a drone. As a result of this attack, comrade Jiyan Tolhildan, one of YPJ (Women’s Protection Units) and SDF ( Syrian Democratic Forces) leaders as well as the general commander of YAT (Anti-terror Units), along with comrades Roj Xabûr and Barîn Botan were martyred upon leaving the tenth anniversary forum of the revolution that was held in the city of Qamishlo . We offer our condolences to the Kurdish people, all the peoples of northeastern Syria and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) for the martyrdom of our comrades and commanders. We promise to avenge our martyrs by protecting and expanding the Rojava revolution, defeating the occupying Turkish state and ISIS mercenaries, and ensuring the liberation of Rojava and northeastern Syria.

The commander of Anti-Terror Units (YAT) , Jiyan Tolhildan also known as Selwa Yusuf, has witnessed all the difficulties and stages of the revolution. She worked hard and with great dedication since the beginning of the revolution , from her work in organizing people, and the formation of the People’s Self-Defense Units (YXG) ,to the formation of the Women’s Protection Units army. With the hard work and struggle of comrades and commanders like Jiyan, the Rojava Revolution has become a women’s revolution that resonated all over the world and a hope for the freedom of all women and humanity, and thanks to the efforts of these comrades, this revolution has reached its tenth anniversary today. The strength and will of the commander Jiyan has instilled the belief in free life in all women and society, . Women and youth from all over Rojava, northeastern Syria and all over the world gave their hearts to this revolution and flocked towards Rojava. Commander Jiyan had great knowledge and experience of the Rojava revolution and the beauty of a free life, and with this experience and knowledge she trained hundreds of fighters who today will carry out the legacy of the struggle and guarantee the freedom of their homeland.

Comrade Jiyan has taken part in all the liberation campaigns of Rojava and northeastern Syria, with the spirit of a free woman . She fought against ISIS terrorists, who had turned into a nightmare for humanity, and also fought alongside the coalition forces, in addition to participating in all the liberation campaigns . Thus, the struggle of Commander Jiyan Tolhildan became the hope of a free life for all humanity.

Comrade and commander Roj, also known as Ciwana Heso , grew up in a patriotic family in Darbasiyah. Within a short time, she gained experience within the ranks of the revolution and embracing the philosophy of women’s freedom, she became a revolutionary woman with strength and will .She lived believing in the philosophy of freedom and carried out her revolutionary and patriotic duties and responsibilties until her very last moments. She spent every moment of her life fighting for a free homeland and participated in the liberation campaigns against ISIS alongside the coalition forces  and the World got rid of ISIS thanks to the courage and bravery of comrades Jiyan and Roj.

Comrade Barîn Botan, also known as Ruha Beşar, who grew up in Afrin in a patriotic family, was inspired and influenced by the Rojava revolution in her search for freedom and thus joined the ranks of the Women’s Protection Units YPJ. Comrade Barîn has always experienced intense anger and hatred towards the Turkish state and fought with great determination and persistence to defeat the occupation.

The popular revolution in northeastern Syria was achieved with the hard work and sacrifices of the martyred comrades and on the foundations of women’s freedom, and has become the hope of freedom for all women and freedom-loving societies. As YPJ forces, expanding and protecting the revolution and guaranteeing the freedom of Rojava and northeastern Syria, is our duty and our oath that we have given to our comrades and leaders. Once again, we offer our condolences to all our people and to the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), and we promise that we will avenge our comrades from the occupation forces and their agents, and this attack will not make us retreat one step in our struggle, it will only increase our anger and defiance. At this stage in which our revolution and its leaders are targets of annihilation attacks, we ask all the women of northern and eastern Syria to take part in this struggle.

The identities of our martyred comrades are as follows:

Nickname: Jiyan Tolhildan

Name and Surname: Selwa Yusuf

Mother Name: Asya

Father Name: Hisên

Place of Birth: 1980- Efrîn

Place and Date of Martyrdom: Qamişlo -22.07.2022

Nickname: Roj Xabûr

Name and Surname: Ciwana Heso

Mother Name: Şems

Father Name: Hesen

Place of Birth: 1992- Dirbêsiyê

Place and Date of Martyrdom: : Qamişlo -22.07.2022

Nickname: Barîn Botan

Name and Surname: Ruha Beşar

Mother Name: Qedriye

Father name: Merwan

Place of Birth: 2003- Şehba

Place and Date of Martyrdom: Qamişlo -22.07.2022

YPJ General Command



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