In Name Of All The Researcher Of Justice

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followers of Rohenda and martyrs of the honorable resistance who took the same path, we commemorate Dilovan Gever. We promise to continue the same path of self-sacrifice until the end.

We express our condolences to all the people of the resistance, righteous fighters and families seeking justice and declare that this resistance will be victorious for our people.

The Turkish occupying state began their activities of occupation on North-East Syria on 9 October 2019. The resistant women and men of North-East Syria made a promise their people to defend their homeland against this occupation. This honorable resistance has reached the 9th day. From the first day of the resistance, our comrade Dilovan headed towards the Euphrates area, the city of Girê Spî in order to monitor the Turkish state occupation attacks and massacres committed against her people.

Comrade Dilovan is from Gever city. In 2014 when the ISIS terrorist attacked Kobani city she left her university and joined the resistance rank against ISIS. She participated in the battles to defeat ISIS. During the fight for Kobane, she remained at forefront until its liberation. For nearly a year she worked hard in the hospitals morgue. With her courageous determined heart, she became a guardian for her martyred comrades while doing her job. The brutality of the mercenaries and occupying Turkish state in Efrin and elsewhere created great emotions to comrade Dilovan. She took her place as a righteous reporter in our communication center for nearly 3 years. In Deir Zour, during the military operation of defeating ISIS, she worked as a journalist. Witnessing the moments of the fight and resistance of the YPJ fighters, she used her camera and their voices to spread it to the world. During the most dangerous moments, she remained at the forefront alongside the fighters of YPJ. Sometimes with her camera and other times with her weapon, she remained at the front with her comrades. With her heart, which remained close to comradeship, she wrote her name in our hearts. With this faith and determination, our comrade Dilovan spend 5 years with in the revolution for humanity. She remained committed and kept believing in the struggle and resistance of North-East Syria and dedicated her life to be a part of this struggle.

She becomes the voice of struggle, life and heroism of the YPJ fighters, she picked up her camera and became a guest in the emotions, thoughts and hearts of the YPJ fighters.

Comrade Dilovan became followed the path of Agirî, Eylûl, Şîlan, Arîn and Rohenda. She began her revolutionary with Kobane. She always expressed her love to Kobane as follows: “Kobane is something entirely different to me. I am from Kobane. Every time I go to Kobane, I feel like I’m in the town of martyrs. In Kobane I came to know; the truth of our enemy, the truth of the war, the truth comradeship, free life and the most beautiful people in this world.”

Comrade Dilovan, from 9 October until 13 October, reported on the fights and clashed in Girê Spî. When the Turkish state increased their attacks on Girê Spî on the 13th, she reached martyrdom alongside a bunch of her friends during an airstrike.

On this basis we once again we commemorate our comrade and courageous journalist. We promise our comrade Dilovan, that we will follow her step and path and not abandon her camera and weapon and pursuit the truth.

Once again we would like to express our condolences to our people of resistance and the family of comrade Dilovan and declare: “This resistance will be victorious for our people”

The record of our comrade is as the following:


Birth name: DÎLAN ÖLMEZ

Mother’s name: ŞÛKRAN

Father’s name: ABDULLAH

Place and date of joining: KOBANÊ- 2014

Place and date of Martyrdom: GIRÊ SPÎ-13.10.2019

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